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All the activities of the MISSION SALVATION Foundation has always been based on compassion and mercy. Our good causes are supported by good people who are motivated not by a festive charitable activity, but trust and understanding. 

Please support our Foundation's mission - to be the answer and encouragement.

The MISSION SALVATION Foundation is grateful for all open hearts!

ART SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS  opens doors for third year.

Now the HAPPY KIDS will enjoy a new multimedia room, a ballet hall of mirrors, great teachers and a full weekly program.

Happy kids are from 5 to 105 years old! Because art has no age.

One possibility for creative inspiration and expression, rich musical culture and language, living rhythm, but also for relax, development of friendships, family atmosphere and ... new faith and hope for tomorrow.

Happy kids know the Creator and can tell a lot through their works bringing happiness. And the happiness is a specific position of our soul that makes us grateful and loving people.

Weekly schedule

In August, 2010 MISSION SALVATION started "THE SHARON HOUSE - a home for single moms and kids" project Through a specific strategy for rising funds for the project, the ministry rents an apartment /The Sharon house/ and provides for free refuge, food and daily needs. For the moment 2 single moms with 3 kids and one single girl are supported and live in the Sharon house.

List of donations - July - October , 2011/in BGN/

To be part of the project, please, fill the TALON It's important for us!

How to support

Emergency for support, as promised in August 2011, funds from donators are not enough for food and cover monthly expenses. From August 2011 The Sharon House is having a new donation strategy in the way to continue being a schelter.


In the midst of boxwood garden party, cobbled paths and midnight dances SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS held its annual production presenting it to their resting parents. A beauty, wrapped in a child smile and warm melody, an impulse of life, inspired by the Creator - the children really grew up this year and they reflected the Heaven in their songs, dances and paintings.More photos





"And a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased"  Mat. 3:17

There are so different human lives - precious pearls in God's hand. The Book of Life opened by an angel's hand and the names of new dedicated Christians from THE MISSION church have been written inside. All of them have special personal story concerning the faith in Christ and His forgiveness.

"... When I say "YES" to Your strethced hand, I willl easily shout "NO!" of what beset me."

Photo report from the event

Not just young and smiling but inspired and determined to walk the path of faith completely. Sharing meals, sharing thoughts, sharing hearts - the need to share is great for the young people. Each of them has own history of encounter with God. Each of them has its own destiny, which wants to enter in. All of them want to rekindle the fire of love for the One Who has found them somewhere "on the road" of the life. Pastor  Ivodor Kovachev and Pastor Tom McGuire through their father's hearts and  attitude contributed to the special atmosphere of friendship and devotion. Photos

"Who is in you is greater than who is in the world" 1 John 4:4

There are 2 "family" options in life:
1. Dedicated to each other, speechless in love, flowers, roses, forever together...
2. Separated from each other by trafficking, meetings, relying on “phone love”, ” covered” with bills and kids screaming, flying time and ... nothing
An open conversation and sharing the truth give freedom. The seminar is a good option. Marriage is not just requirements for one another, but an opportunity to break the self. Love is a ministry and forgiveness, quietly waiting somewhere and devotion. Marriage - not just a family, a cell of society but a powerful life that builds and reflects the Kingdom of God here on earth. Photos

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